Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 pieces from the Walker

At the walker one of the pieces that I thought had a good formal quality was Lucio Fontana's Concetto Saziale Attesa. The line in this work is near perfect from what i could see. looking at it, it looked like a perfect cut in a canvas but it was actually painted. My reaction to this, at first i was like blah whatever it was kinda plain but when i was told about the interpretations around it with the man standing in the window then i was slightly disturbed. I don't know whether I think positive or negative of it all I know is it caught my attention and I think about it.

For the piece that I thought had the strongest content I thought Shiraga Kazuo's untitled painting from 1959 was the winner for me. its a large painting of smears of red black and what looks like navy paint all over the canvas like an explosion. some of the paint even sticks off of the canvas at you fairly high, some think that the paint under those layers is still wet. one of the cool things about interpreting this piece is that it was made after world war II and the bombs being dropped on Japan, the artist didn't consciously intend for it to remind people of the bombs on Japan but after learning that its a Japanese artist and it was made after WWII it kind of makes you think that's what was going on in his mind. I really liked this piece a lot, it holds a lot of emotion behind it and he painted it with his feet which i think is really cool.

for one that lacked both i thought was the hippopotamus i really didn't like it for many reasons. one it grossed me out a lot even though it is fake it was still really nasty to me and all in all i just didn't see it as art as much as i did everything else. it was well made in that i was grossed out by it but it lacked a lot for me to get connected to it as a work of art.

one that i thought had both was Andy Warhol's 16 Cache-Control: max-age=0

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. i loved the scale of the piece and even though it was repetitive none of them were really the same. I've done print making like that and its pretty hard or at least on that scale i would have had trouble with it.

Robert Irwin's slant/light/volume really took me by surprise i would have never thought i would like something like that or even consider it great art. but its rather breath taking when you get up close to it. it makes you feel like you could run through it and its not really there. i wanted to walk up and touch it but I'm pretty sure i would get yelled at. the sheer scale of it taking up an entire room was amazing and that it was so color plain but still amazing really changed my outlook on simplicity and art and how it can make you stop and think.